• track your
    financial goals

    We use your tax returns as a tool to measure your financial success and opportunity.

  • divorce finances
    are complicated

    Making the right decisions during this difficult time is critical.

  • get peace of mind
    and save money

    Together we will increase your wealth and manage your small-business opportunities.

  • restart smart

    A post-divorce financial strategy helps define what your tomorrow looks like.


For over 25 years I have helped individuals and businesses create economic value in their life. I began my financial career in banking and then progressed to become a Certified


accounting + taxes

Taxes and accounting are more than bookkeeping or knowing the balance in your checkbook. Taxes are more than a refund check in February, or a monumental stress event once a


divorce financial services

In addition to the emotional drain and family issues, the financial ramifications of a divorce can be devastating. Working with your attorney, proper planning and expert help from a professional



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