accounting + taxes


Taxes and accounting are more than bookkeeping or knowing the balance in your checkbook. Taxes are more than a refund check in February, or a monumental stress event once a year. In partnering with you and your financial goals, your tax return becomes part of your annual assessment of where you are.

So, if you need a personal tax return or help with all of your business compliance returns (payroll, sales tax, income tax and others) I am ready and able to help you get it done. I offer electronic filing, confidential portal communications and paperless processing all designed to be more efficient for you.

Personal and Small Business Accounting

After I understand your goals, how you create your income and how your expenses affect your bottom line, then the real work begins! I can

  • Help you increase your wealth through review of your financial reports and help you use them to manage your personal and business opportunities.
  • Reduce your losses and thefts through analysis of your accounting practices and suggestions for improvements and internal controls
  • Give you peace of mind and help save you money with deliberate steps to insure compliance with taxing authorities and timely and complete tax reporting.
  • Increase your profits through analysis of your cost of doing business
  • Perform your accounting and payroll
  • Help you use historical reports to look ahead to increase your future value.
  • Collaborate with you to help identify potential threats, plan for expansion and grow your business.

Services I provide

  • Accounting
  • Quickbooks consulting
  • Payroll
  • Reporting
  • Controllership
  • Internal control recommendations
  • Tax preparation
  • Compilations and reviews
  • Advice and all financial services for non-profits
  • Business valuations

Business Valuation

What is my business worth? Business valuations are needed for any variety of purposes: estate planning and returns; business sales, mergers and acquisitions; ownership transfers between generations; divorce litigation and others. Your concern is to know that the economic value of your business interest is correctly established based on established methods and calculations. I can help you assess your business and accurately assess its value so that you can make confident decisions. In some cases, planning for a future valuation can lead to planned changes now for the purpose of increasing your value at a later date.